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The Luna Collective


Artemis Aether wastes no time by starting off immediately with a glimpse of their catchy chorus in “Don’t Forgive Me”. The upbeat and slightly frenetic pace creates a maniacal but fun edge to the indie tune. “Don’t Forgive Me” straightforward lyrics touch on the theme of longing for forgiveness and redemption, pairing well with the quirky vibe of the tune.

Music Injection


Our bio says we love quirky songs and the latest release from Artemis Aether is certainly quirky. Right from the first note ‘Don’t Forgive Me’ is super energetic and intriguing. Lyrically the song is about forgiveness and redemption. I love the beat and the unique synth and piano sounds. After listening only once, it has stayed in my head for hours. Listeners that love quirky and different songs will love ‘Don’t Forgive Me’.

Hot Launch Music


Artemis Aether “Don’t Forgive Me” with funky rhythms and lackadaisical vocals is full with melodic hooks and dynamic variation.  The rhythms are danceable and overall the production is a familiar indie pop sound that too me is a combination of influences such as Matt and Kims “Daylight” amongst other notable compositions.  While being uplifting rhythmically and melodically the lyrics set a scene of a someone who is making mistake after mistake and begging forgiveness.  While remaining mostly ambiguous to me I do detect a story line of infidelity within the songwriter and making up with his lover.  What really sold the song for me was the dreamy guitar lines combined with the aggressive keys performance.  This is the first single from Artemis Aether and we are looking forward to what the future holds for this group.



Artemis Aether breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with “Don’t Forgive Me”, an energetic indie/electro tune with some alt-pop leanings. Featured off of their latest project ‘Redeemer EP‘, the track is the perfect introduction to Artemis Aether’s unique and quirky sound.


Tongue Tied Magazine


A consistent drum beat keeps the many unique synths and piano sounds throughout this song together in a clean and easy to listen to way. A scene is created of longing for forgiveness from someone yet declining it when it is offered for fear of it being undeserved due to being too late to loving that person. The organized chaos of this song will keep the listener captured in each sound.

Phonograph Me

Today, in the evening, we will hear "Don't Forgive Me" by Artemis Aether.

If what we are looking for is music to dance, to sing and to have fun with the lyrics "Don't Forgive Me" is the right choice. The bass line / synthesizer more than marked, along with a very well done lyrics and very well sung, accompanied by an urgent piano make this music one of the highlights of the week, and make it also one of the ones that me it enchants.

Good for anyone who likes TV on The Radio or LCD Soundsystem.

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When The Horn Blows


Artemis Aether’s  ‘Arrakeen Moon’ is spine-tingling exploration of brooding indie rock influences.

Artemis Aether is a project shrouded in mystery. But the ethos is intrinsically poetic and that’s a really beautiful thing. ‘Arrakeen Moon’  is comprised of all the components that I love about this vein of indie rock. It’s initially a sparse, slow burner with dark, dramatic percussion,  a brooding, atmospheric vocal and introspective, thoughtful lyricism. This combination reminded me a lot of  The National, who you might not be surprised to hear are one of my favourite bands.


Arrakeen Moon’ gradually builds with emotion, touching upon orchestral influences but showing a dignified restrain. While the production is affecting and ambient, the vocal and lyrics are really at the foreground of the song here, making for a richly emotive listen that leaves a lasting impression.


Words of Karla Harris

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